Chapter 3.5- Birthdays

Yzioru enjoys singing Udjex enjoys playing with dolls Yzioru potty trains her youngest Udjex becomes a child Iron becomes a teenager He enjoys dancing Yzioru did some cleaning Yemi helps with repairs Yzioru mastered parenting Olive becomes a teenager and Yemi a Young Adult. He moves out Yzioru gardens

Chapter 3.4- The Heir

The heir is born, Meet Udjex. Yzioru potty trains Ricky Olive becomes a child Homework time in the new house dancing fun too Udjex becomes a toddler Yemi becomes a teenager Yzioru fixes the dollshouse she spins her son around she plays dolls too she masters cooking Zaina and Ricky both have their birthdays

Chapter 3.3- Achievable Dreams

Yzioru achieved her aspiration yemi enjoys dancing Zaina became a child Yzioru practices her magic Olive becomes a toddler Yemi plays with toys Cameron does flashcards with Olive Ricky is born Olive plays with blocks Camron has his birthday The final baby is on its way Iron becomes a child Yzioru cleans Ricky becomes a …

Chapter 3.2- Baby Boom

Yemi enjoys playing games on his wabbit Yzioru did some repairs she also cooked Zaina was born. Soon baby 3 was on the way Ziana was soon a toddler she is very close to cameron Soon Iron was born. Baby 4 Yemi was soon a child Yzioru enjoys dancing Iron becomes a toddler Yzioru uses …