Chapter 2.4- Learning

Yasmin does her homework

she like her mum loves to be creative

Yoko is becoming quite famous

Samson enjoys playing in the ball pit

and chatting to the bear

Baby 65 Martha is born, Only 35 to go

Samson plays with dolls

and does flashcards with Yoko

Yoko and Luigi make the next baby

Luigi also breaks the dolls house and Yoko has to fix it

Yoko and her children have good relasionships

The twins work on thier school projects

and it pays off

Chapter 2.3- Birthdays

The twins work hard on thier skills

The love testing out thier movement skills on the stairs

Yoko soon went into labour and Baby 64 Samson was born, Only 36 to go

Yasmin loves to decorate the house with her freestyle painting

Meet the next Baby Daddy Mario

Yoko bathed the twins

Yves enjoys playing with toys

Yoko mastered cooking

Yasmin loves to chatter away as Yoko paints

The twins are quite close and are always chattering away.

Samson was soon a toddler a fussy one at that

The twins were soon children. Yasmin likes her own company and Yves is proper

potty training starts

Chapter 2.2- Babies

Soon Yoko went into labour and had twins Baby 62 Yasmin and 63 Yves, Only 37 to go

She invited Steve over to try for the next baby.

She did some painting

and some exersize

Soon the twins were toddlers. Yasmin is the wild one and Yves is a little charmer

Yasmin is not happy about her twin apprently.

Yoko started on the twins potty training right away

Yasmin loves jumping around in the ball pit

and babbling to the bear

Yves is more into exploring

They do get on well and are always chatting away