Chapter 1.36- Funny Pictures

The monkey bars are used

Melanie cooks

and uses the computer

fun in the snow

Ruby becomes a Young adult and moves out. She is mean

Jasmine becomes a genius as a teen

Melanie and Daniel make the next baby

Melanie repairs the radio

Robyn becomes a young adult and moves out. She is a bro

Kalil and Kalle become children. Kalil loves being outside and Kalle is neat

Kalil uses the monkey bars

and does his homework

He also makes a mess

Chapter 5.6- Teenage Fun

Adam and Joni like to spend time together but have thier own hobbies

Hannah loves the snow and decided to do her homework outside

Hasan got promoted and now runs his own department

Jamie works on his logic

Hannah searches for stars

Hannah loves to do pranks and not get caught

She works on her foosball skills

Hasan and Jamie do some reading

Jamie talks to his daughter about her role in the legacy and how when sh comes fo age she will be leading it.

Hannah goes to prom. She and Jamie are now official and she had lots of fun dancing.

Chapter 2.7- Passing the torch


Ebony gets promoted

She plays in the snow

Matilda uses the phone and the computer at the same time

Melanie works on her chess skills

Matilda has started dating, Meet Bryon

Melanie plays some games

Ebony dances

The girls do their school projects whilst Ebony works on her charisma,

Ebony does some painting

She gets promoted


Matilda plays the guitar

and does some cooking

Ebony gets promoted

The girls become young adults and both will be staying as the Martial structure is Couple with help. Matilda is Family Oriented and Melinda is a loner. Matilda the heir career is Esport Gamer and Melinda’s is career hopper. Matilda’s Spouses Career is doctor. The goal is Perfect Children. They are to have 5 children and the misc is Seasonal Fun so should be an interesting generation.

Chapter 10.6- Winter

Jane loves to dance and can be occupied doing it for hours.

Jane can be unique sometimes just like her parents, she decided today she was going to wear her outdoor wear inside. She is very smart though and was doing numbers and spelling words with the blocks.

Jon loves the snow, he can roll around in it make snow angels and throw it around.

Kelly and Jane also love the snow as its lot of fun. They can make snowpals and throw it at each other.

It was getting quite cold outside so Kelly and Jane went inside and had lots of fun having a mini dance party

Wow, where have the years gone, Little Jane is already a child. She inherited her mum’s meanest but is highly intelligent seeing as she maxed all her toddler skills.

Jane is a great student and will do her homework straight after school even without being made too.

Kelly and Jane are still quite close. Jane loves stories and being read too by her mum despite the fact she can read quite well now.

Jane also loves playing chess and seeing how many times she can win or trick her mum into losing

Jon is doing great at work and soon got promoted

Jane is very smart and all her hard work at school, playing chess and doing her homework has paid off.

Kelly still loves to play in the snow but has learnt her lesson and now wears outerwear when playing in the snow.