Chapter 1.9- Returning to work


Rosa like her brother loves to use the dolls from the doll’s house to chew on


Jammie has found a new hobby painting and can spend hours at the easel


Alex too still loves to paint and is developing his skill well


Mateo had found the shape sorter now Jammie no longer plays with it and adores banging the shapes on top of it.


Rosa got a creepy doll in the post from some relatives of mine.


She prefers to play with the blocks at the play table thankfully and that doll was used only once,


I finally went back to work, Alex stayed at home with the kids as we can’t afford a babysitter and I got a promotion.


I used the tv to work-out so Alex could go out and play for tips that night and improved my skill.


Alex improved his painting skill


Rosa enjoys making music with the xylophone as she sings. She really loves to sing and is quite a good singer.


I attempted to cook spaghetti and it didn’t go well.


Rosa decided to copy Matteo and play inside the toybox with the cars instead of on the floor.


Chapter 4.3- Hello Ebony


Daisy was soon expecting their first child

She improved her cooking and handiness skills at the library.

Soon she gave birth to her first child, a little girl that she called Ebony.

A year flew by and before you knew it, Ebony was a toddler with her dads features and mums skintone and hair colour.

Toddler spam

The family took a trip to the summer festival

Daisy taught Ebony her toddler skills


She was soon expecting her 2nd child.


She loved taking Ebony to the park even if sometimes it was hard to get Ebony to come off the riders,


Ebony also loved playing with her horse toy that she got from her grandparents


Daisy still found time and energy to play aeroplanes with Ebony despite her pregnancy.