Chapter 1.2- Then there were three

Mitchell works on his fitness for work, have to be in shape to be a solider

Lily got promoted and got a free tree to help her skill

She also worked on her garden

Lily was soon expecting their child.

Mitchell got his first promotion and a medal too

He now goes marching

Cooking Fruits for dinner

Soon Little Lyric Greenwood was introduced to the world

Mitchell was soon promoted again

He is a doting dad

Soon Little Lyric was a toddler

Lily was soon promoted too and got a free flower arranging table which was sold as she already owned one.

Chapter 1.2- Toddler Fun

Luca got promoted but he still earns less then 20 simolens a hour. My paintings are what pay the bills currently.

Luca was finally able to get a job at the art gallery cleaning paint palettes and his starting wage is higher then he got after two promotions in his criminal career.

He got the job just in time too as our little Tabitha is now a toddler. She wants to do everything on her own though.

She also loves jumping in the ball pit and decorating our yard with the balls by throwing them all out of it.

I was soon pregnant for the 2nd time.

Luca is doing well too and was soon promoted and he even got a bonus and a light that helps me when I am painting.

I don’t want Tabitha to feel left out now that she’s not going to be the only child so I spend time with her reading books, she loves stories.

She also loves to play games on the tablet, we got her

Soon, our 2nd daughter was born. We named her Molly.

Tabitha was a bit sad at becoming a big sister but was soon cheered up by playing with her toys.

Luca decided that Painting was just not for him and decided to become a gardener.

Chapter 6.4- Fishing Champion

Leo dotes on his baby daughter and is always playing, feeding or changing her. I only get her when he’s asleep or fishing.
It does give me time to get my pre baby weight back
I also love to play in the fountain
Leo still fishes a lot, he says it relaxes him
Mum loves to read
I can finally use the slide again
I can also run on the treadmill again
Soon it was time for my angels birthday. She got my eyes but otherwise is the image of her dad
She loves the dolls house even if she spends more time chewing on the dolls then playing with them.
We painted the walls and put new flooring down in her room so it looks more kidlike now, I also started toilet training her.
We also worked on her words, I am teaching her new ones and also to join them together to create sentences
Leo is a great fisher now and is able to catch even the rare ones.

Chapter 2.7- Hello Sebestien

Me and Kat had the talk and we broke up, Apparently she had never planned on having children. Nicky is able to go to the toilet on his own now, I was so proud, its her loss.
I improved my logic skill.
I played some chess on the computer.
I didn’t want Nicky to fell left out so I took him on walks and talked about how he was going to be a big brother soon.
I also took him to the beach and started teaching him to swim.
Dad is now handy, maybe now he’ll help with fixing broken appliances.
I practised chess.
Dad played the guitar, Nicky loves to dance as he plays.
Mum is really moving up in her career, I am glad she finally found something that she loves as much as I love to sing.
Jammie is going to be a single mum too.
I did the laundry.
I went into labour and little Sebastien was born