Chapter 1.42- Chores

Melanie plays active games with Natasha

Natasha also loves to play in the snow

Melanie meets up with her next baby daddy Adrian.

Jacob and Jemima play chess together

Melanie catches up around the house, she cleans the bathroom

and repairs the shower

she works on her art

Fabian becomes a teen and rolls the slob trait

Natasha becomes a child and rolls the self-Assured trait

Aelwyn becomes a toddler and rolls the Wild Trait.

he shows his personality right away

Jacob does some dancing

Fabian plays some video games

he helps with potty training

Melanie does flashcards with Aelwyn

Chapter 1.41- Helpful Kids

Melanie does some paintings

She meets up with her next baby daddy Antony

Jemima cares for the bear

Melanie does flashcards with Jacob

The children work on thier school projects in the snow

Jacob becomes a child, a self-assured one.

He is a big helps around the house and even does the dishes

Fabian enjoys making snowpals

Keeleigh becomes a young adult and moves out, she rolls the Squeamish trait.

Jemima becomes a teenager, she rolls the Recycle Disciple trait

she enjoys dancing

Natasha becomes a toddler and rolls the Inquisitive trait

Jacob enjoys decorating the house using a variety of materials

Melanie potty trains Natasha

Baby 49 Aelwyn is born, only 51 to go.

Chapter 1.40- Fun Pasttimes

Derek is a great help with his younger siblings

Melanie did some cooking to restock the fridge with food.

Keeleigh became a teen. She rolled the Loner trait and the Jungle Explorer Aspiration.

Derek became a young adult and moved out. He rolled the Ambitious Trait.

The girls work on their homework, well Keeleigh multi-tasks and checks her social feeds simultaneously.

She is a big help with repairs around the house

Melanie works on Fabian’s thinking skills using the flashcards.

Fabian also loves to play around on the rocking chair

Jacob became a toddler, he rolled the charmer trait

Fabian became a child. He rolled the creative trait

Melanie started potty training

Jemima did some science

Fabian did some art

Melanie gave her son dancing tips

Baby 48 Natasha was born. Only 52 to go.

Chapter 10.5- Toddler Fun

Kelly soon had her 40th Bithday.


Jane had grown quite a bit and was now a very active and silly toddler who got into all kinds of mischief if she wasn’t occupied so Kelly and Jon hired a butler to be a extra hand around the house, they had plenty of money after all.

Jane loved to watch her daddy as he worked on his speeches for his clients.

Jane was very independant and refused to be fed or to sit in the highchair so food would be cooked and cooled down before she would sit in one of the chairs that she would determinedly climb in herself before taking the food and thanking the butler or her parents, she was taught to use her manners which she would then eat by herself.

Kelly didn’t let the fact that she was in her forties stop her having lots of fun. She enjoyed jumping and playing in mud piles in the rain.

With both her parents having hectic work schedules, most of her basic care and development was done by the butler. He taught her to use and ask for the potty.

All Kelly’s hard work and determination soon paid off and she got the above position when her predecessor retired.


Jon and Kelly enjoy playing chess together as its lots of fun and keeps their brain sharp.

Jane is full of beans and though she has injured herself quite a few times, bumping her head and scraping her knee, She was determined to reach the very top of the tunnels and she did.

Jane also has a great imagination and loves to pretend that’s she’s a racing car driver and she’s winning all her races or she;s riding a magical flying car around the galixies.

Jane has learned quite a lot of words and has started to join them together, She enjoys chatting to the butler showing off all the new words she has acquired.

Jane also loves to use a lot of gestures when talking to her mummy about the great day she has had.

Jane has no fear and loves it when mummy jumps up and down with her on her back, spins her around and throws her in the air.

Jon and Kelly ensure that Jane is calm before she goes to bed. They sit down together with her on the sofa and talk about her day and sometimes watch some calm movies on the tv or read stories with her.