Chapter 2.1- Life in the City

Well Now lets re-introduce the heir of Generation 2. Lily’s traits are: Outgoing, Ambitious and Cheerful. Her Aspiration is Fabulously wealthy. She moves into a home of her own as shes not into farming and living off the land like her parents.

Lily gets her dream job.

She soon gets promoted

Rose has her birthday

Lily works on reports at her parents house

She has started dating Kabir too. Sometimes she even likes to cloud gaze in her swimsuit in the middle of winter.

Kabir regularly comes over and soon they shared their first kiss.

Kabir and Lily got married

They moved to a spacious apartment in the city.

Kabir is creative, so did some painting

They were soon expecting their first child.

They like to cook together

Kabir enjoys dancing

Angelica is born

Kabir takes up knitting

Chapter 10.6- Repairs

Tiff was soon a teenager, a childish one

Kyler enjoys using the tablet

Denis started dating, Meet Jayleen

school project time

Kyler becomes a confident child

He plays on the rocket

Nessa got a job

Denis became a young adult and moved out. He is a genius

Baby 7 is on the way

she also got promoted

Buster did some exersize

The twins became ya’s and moved out. Maya is a goofball and Mel is outgoing

the rock climbing wall was repaired

as was the gaming thing

Bianca became a self absorbed teen

Chapter 5.11- Promotions and Repairs

I like to get my point across by shouting through the megaphone and with three eleven year olds, sometimes it is the only way.
I also love playing video games, my husband and dad seem to have got me addicted.
My dad doesn’t let his age stop him, he still loves to repair everything around the house. He says it makes him feel needed now the children are older and don’t want a lot of attention.
My husband is doing well at work and soon received a promotion. He is now allowed to negotiate some contracts for the athletes that his firm represents.
Rayna loves pretending to be queen and ordering everyone around and she’s the heir, I wonder if I chose well.
Mila prefers to play imaginative games in the tree house and sometimes demand her siblings give a password to come up or she throws water down.
Me and Mugsy are still as romantic as ever, sometimes Luis complains especially when we kiss whilst he watches tv.
I did a mind meld with dad and managed to improve my realsionship with Reyna.
Mila also loves to play on the rocking horse.
Mugsy likes to play shuffleboard
I love to interrupt him for some quality time.
Mum still loves to read the triplets bedtime stories, at least she uses her bed and not ours.

Chapter 5.6- University Fun

Me and Mugsy are still as romantic as ever despite where we are.
We also like to study together even though our majors are nothing alike
I have a lot of free time seeing as I have been to uni before and have a lot of credits so I spent my time learning new skills such as bot building
I also like to socialise with my fellow students and play table tennis and other games.
Me and Mugsy also like to play games together such as kicky bag.
Mugsy also likes to swim
And fish
Soon uni was over and it was time for us to head home.

We moved to a new home and I installed a bot builder machine in the spare room.
This is our new home in Evansdale County, there is a children’s play area outside for when the triplets get older. Upstairs is a comfy seating area, bathroom, Master bedroom for me and Mugsy, the kids room and a spare room for hobbies. Downstairs is the room for my parents plus open plan living , kitchen and dining area. Attached is a garage and a bedroom for my grandfather.
I like to find stars and give them awesome and unique names.
I like to ensure the children eat healthy meals so I cook them up then blend them before feeding my babies who are seven months old now. They love Macaroni Cheese.
My uncle decided to adopt a kitten.