Chapter 6.14- Skills

My eldest decided to go into Politics

I decided to improve my strength and did a work out

I had to repair the dishwasher again, the butler is quite useless, at least he’s good at cooking and cleaning

I also improved my skill

Leo decided to play the piano now that our middle child is at school and not using it

Analia loves sports and is always doing something active

Savannah is a great student

The trash compacter is what decided to break next as one of the girls accidently put a plate inside.

Leo likes to search the skies for stars then tell everyone all about them

Dad loves to play outside on the water toys

Analia has recently started learning to cook at school and likes to experiment her recipes on us.

Leo did some working out.

Chapter 4.9- Gigs and Promotions

I got promoted
Isabella practised her chess
Caroline and Matias still have a close realsionship despite the fact he’s a moody teenager now
I played shuffleboard
Dad did some reading
I got a gig
Isabella is doing great in school
Matias got a date for prom
Isabella pretended to be flying around the world on Misty her magic horse
Matias played in the sand
I performed my gig
I then made the dishwasher unbreakable as I am tired of fixing it