Chapter 4.8- Acheievments

Blossom gave more cousins to the family

Tabitha and Tobias are very close and love to chatter away

Boyd is a very hands on father and will even get down on the floor to play with his children.

Tobias did some cleaning

Tiana did some dancing

Boyd got promoted

He did some painting

Tiana played some games on the computer

Tabitha ia a good student

Boyd did some repairs around the house

The children worked on thier school projects

Tiana cleaned the house

Chapter 6.4- Spring Fun

Waylon and Arabella play some juice pong

Rebekah and Waylon are still romantic

Waylon does some exersize

improving his skill

Arabella masters the athletic skill

Waylon enjoys playing darts

The family had lots of fun at the Spring Festival, they took family photo’s , played games and ate food.

Chapter 6.2- The Heir

Rebekah soon mastered the athletic skill

Rebekah and Waylon discuss the upcoming birth and how this will be thier only child.

Rebekah is becoming more of a nerd every day

Waylon has fun in the snow between jobs

Waylon got his future told and wasted some money

Arabella and Molona play catch together

Willow is born

Rebekah is a very hands on mum but loves when when her daughter finally sleeps

Waylon’s singing skills are much in demand

Rebekah still loves to be active

Willow was soon a toddler. She is active like her mum and a bit neurotic too.

Waylon started working on his daughter’s language skills right away

Rebekah is doing great at work

Chapter 4.2- Hello Arabella

Kristine dies of old age whilst playing video games.


Keon enjoys playing games on the computer

Molona is becoming well known around town

Abel enjoys dancing

Abel repaired the bathroom sink

Molona cooked dinner for the family


Molona had a chat with the butler

Molona enjoys going to the local clubs and bars to meet celebrities and have fun.

Abel got promoted

Molona enjoys playing video games

Arabella is born.


Her bedroom is made in her favourite colour Voilet.