Chapter 6.7- Fun in the Snow

Vance was soon a toddler

Qewovf and Vance played with the dolls house

Juan worked on his logic

Space ship Explorers

Qewovf repaired the fridge

Juan had his birthday

Francis was born

The children worked outside on their school project

Juan got promoted

He made a snow angel

Francis became a toddler

he played in the snow

Chapter 6.6- Goodbye

Qewovf was soon pregnant again

Elijah enjoys playing computer games

Juan got promoted

Oliver became a toddler

The dolls house was used

Vance was born

Juan worked on his logic

Elijah pretended to be exploring space.

Quinn did some art

Charlene died of old age

Warren played with the dolls house

and the play table

Juan got promoted

Qewovf was soon pregnant with her final child

Chapter 6.5- Family Bonds

Warren was soon a toddler

He likes to play with blocks

Quinn did the dishes

She also likes to be creative

the boys play quietly

Juan repairs the fridge

Oliver is born

Elijah becomes a child who loves cats

Chapter 6.4- Creations

Quinn enjoys chatting to the bear

Warren is born

Furniture is made

Juan gets some feedback on his ideas

He gets promoted

He recycles

Qewovf makes some candles

Juan helps his son with his thinking

Charlene retires

Quinn and Juan play with the dolls house

Quinn becomes a child who loves to recycle.