Chapter 5.2- Club News

Sota and Melody had a quiet and private wedding

They were soon expecting thier first child together.

Sota got a makeover

Melody worked on her charisma

Sota became an adult

Melody is getting better at cooking

Melody is a great club leader.

Round 12, Family 19- Frost 2

My wife wanted another baby so we had fun trying for one.

There was a children’s festival up in the mountains, so we took Josie up there for a day out. She enjoyed dancing with the mascot and even become friends with a little boy called Edgar.

My wife was soon pregnant with our second child.

She started practising some new songs on the Piano.

I helped Josie with her school project

I am doing great at work and now get to work on the actual products that the company makes.

I work hard and practice a lot at home too

My wife got promoted and now gets to produce jingles

She started practising right away

I had my birthday

My second daughter Katie was born

Josie is doing great in school

Katie was soon a toddler who loves to hug

She also loves stories

My girls get on great, Josie listens as her sister babbles away and they even play with dolls together.

Chapter 5.2- Goodbyes and Hello’s

Arabella found out she was pregnant and also that her boyfriend was older and married with teenagers. She decided to keep the baby and be a single mother, after all she has plenty of support

Molona is doing great at work too and soon gets promoted

Ashley is becoming quite the nerd

Arabella cooks some breakfast

She also reads up on pregnancy

and cooking

Aric enjoys playing in the snow

Molona enjoys reading

Aric plays some shuffleboard

Aric and Ashley are quite close

Arabella decides to relax in the hot-tub and ignore the snow

Keon dies of old age

Arabella goes into labour.

Chapter 5.12- Babysitter

I did the washing, with two young children, it really piles up

I chatted with my wife

Tracey did some inventing

I snuggled my son

My Son is a little escape artist and is forever getting out the front door. My wife is quick and always gets him before he gets too far and tickles him.

We are very hands on parents and spend as much time with our children as possible but soon we will have to hire a babysitter as we are going back to work.

When the children are sleeping, we like to sit on the porch together and watch the stars.

Tina has got so big and is now a toddler, She is good and Artistic.

Our babysitter is quite good and both children love her. She takes good care of them too and they are happy when we get home from work.

Soon my wife found out she was expecting our third child

Tracey started teaching Tina to walk.

I am doing great at work too and am now in management