Chapter 1.23- Family Bonding

Melanie meets up with her next baby daddy Ryan

She works on Potty Training with Lisa

She also works on Lisa’s thinking skills

Naomi enjoys swinging across the monkey bars

Elisha cooks some salad

Melanie and Fiona hug

Nina works on her school project

Melanie does some painting

Elisha plays video games

Lisa chats away to the bear

Colin plays with the blocks table

Melanie repairs some kitchen appliances

Naomi plays computer games

The twins play chess together.

Chapter 27- Birthdays

  1. Total Stats: 13/24 children
  2. Boys: 9/12- 3 to go
  3. Girls- 4/12- 8 to go
  1. Girl 1- Beatrice- YA- Moved out
  2. Boy 1- Bernard-YA-Moved out
  3. Boy 2- Benny- YA-Moved out
  4. Boy 2- Barnabus- YA-Moved out
  5. Boy 4- Brandon- YA-Moved out
  6. Girl 2- Bianca-YA-Moved out
  7. Boy 5- Blake- YA- Moved out
  8. Boy 6- Baxter- YA-Moved out
  9. Boy 7-Bailey- Teen
  10. Girl 3- Barbara- Teen
  11. Boy 8- Baldwin-Child
  12. Boy 9- Bancroft-Child
  13. Girl 4- Bethany- Toddler

Alice had her 14th child and 5th Daughter, Meet Belinda.

Bancroft played pirates

Bailey repaired the microwave

Baldwin became a teenager who loves music


He loves taking selfies too

Alice did some painting

Bethany chatted with the bear

and her dad

she also played in the ball pit

Belinda became a wild toddler

Bethany loves to chatter away

and dance

Belinda prefers being in the air

Alice did some cooking

Bailey became a Young Adult and Moved out

Bancroft became a teen who loves the enviroment.

Chapter 1.21- Siblings

Todd gets splashed as he supervises his little sister in the pool.

Naomi loves to chatter away to the bear

The twins use the potty

Melanie repairs the cooker.

Baby 27 Lisa is born, only 73 to go

Melanie and Cody work on the next baby

Fiona becomes a teenager

Todd becomes a Young Adult and moves out

Melanie does some painting

Naomi dances

Fiona helps her little sister with her school project

Lisa becomes a toddler

She enjoys playing with the playtable.

Chapter 3.2- Promotions

I made Macaroni Cheese for dinner.

I visited the library

I did a strength work out

Dad got promoted

I mastered the Athletic skill

Mum is an elder

I did the laundry

I painted

Mum and Dad both got promoted