Chapter 19- Snow

Despite being busy at work, Leonardo still finds time to bond with his children even the younger ones. He even tucks them in bed at night after a hard day at work.

Malachite is a very independent child who enjoys playing on his own. His favourite activity is to play with the blocks.

Emerald is very sociable and loves to hugged and to to chatter away to her mummy in her very own special language.

She loves to chatter away with her daddy too and will run out to him when he gets home from work.

Leonardo also does a lot of repairing around the house. He does wonder how the children keep breaking the computer though.

Lavender was soon expecting the couple’s 11th child.

Soon Sterling had his birthday and moved out. He wears clothes all the time even in the shower and wants to make monsters.

Malachite also had his birthday and is a genius.

He should give some advice to his brother Jasper who thought it was a good idea to build an igloo in the snow in just shorts and a t-shirt.

Obsidian also had his birthday. He has brown hair and pink eyes.

Lavender started teaching him to talk right away.

Leonardo plays some games to relax after a long hard day at work.

Jasper enjoys playing chess.

Lavender starts potty training Obsidian so she will have less nappies to change when the baby comes.

Once all the children are in bed and fast asleep, Lavender plays some foosball for fun.

Chapter 18- Winter

Emerald prefers to play with her toys in the toybox

Lavender was soon pregnant again

She cleaned the toilet

Lavender played with the dolls house

Jasper is soon a brave child

He likes to help around the house

and use the rocking horse

Sterling enjoys playing in the snow

Emerald plays with blocks

Malachite plays with dolls

More fun in the snow

Lavender gives birth to another boy as her 10th child. He is called Obsidian

Lavender chats with her 2nd youngest son

Family loves to come and visit

Lavender does some gardening

Chapter 6.2- Promotions

I wish I was more normal and didn’t feel the need to brush my teeth 2-3 times.
Leo is getting better at fishing
Grandad loves to relax in the pool
He is getting older so I try to spend as much time as I can with him talking about my day and his.
I am doing well at cooking too and hardly burn the food now so I normally make breakfast for everyone
Dad still loves using the radio to work out despite the fact we have a fully equipped gym
I have been throwing up quite a lot lately, I wonder why
Leo got a promotion as he had sold quite a lot of fish to the supermarket, he is their main supplier now.
I started working on some new designs for one of my clients.
Leo found this cool new lake to fish in
He also sometimes helps with the cooking.
Granddad repaired the bath

Chapter 5.11- Promotions and Repairs

I like to get my point across by shouting through the megaphone and with three eleven year olds, sometimes it is the only way.
I also love playing video games, my husband and dad seem to have got me addicted.
My dad doesn’t let his age stop him, he still loves to repair everything around the house. He says it makes him feel needed now the children are older and don’t want a lot of attention.
My husband is doing well at work and soon received a promotion. He is now allowed to negotiate some contracts for the athletes that his firm represents.
Rayna loves pretending to be queen and ordering everyone around and she’s the heir, I wonder if I chose well.
Mila prefers to play imaginative games in the tree house and sometimes demand her siblings give a password to come up or she throws water down.
Me and Mugsy are still as romantic as ever, sometimes Luis complains especially when we kiss whilst he watches tv.
I did a mind meld with dad and managed to improve my realsionship with Reyna.
Mila also loves to play on the rocking horse.
Mugsy likes to play shuffleboard
I love to interrupt him for some quality time.
Mum still loves to read the triplets bedtime stories, at least she uses her bed and not ours.