Chapter 1.48- Teens

Ashton helps with potty training

He also enjoys dancing

Lance and Ashton enjoy playing chess together

Logan enjoys dancing

The triplets becomes teenagers. Lance is self-absorbed, Lamar is proper and Logan is Squeamish.

Misty becomes a child. She rolls child of the ocean

she plays the piano

Ashton has his young adult birthday and moves out. He rolls the self absorbed trait

Baby 56 Gervase is born, only 44 to go.

Chip becomes a teen, he rolls the erratic trait

Melanie meets up with her next baby daddy Chad

Chip plays computer games

Lamar does some cooking

Chapter 1.47- Skills

Chip becomes a child and rolls the neat trait

Melanie repairs the dishwasher

Lance becomes interested in science

Baby 55 Misty is born, only 45 to go

Natasha does some cooking

and some painting

Lance does the dishes

Melanie does some knitting

Lamar does some science

Misty becomes a child and rolls the Angelic Trait

Ashton becomes a teen and rolls the kleptomaniac trait

Natasha becomes a young adult and moves out. She rolls the Neat Trait

Melanie meets up with her next baby daddy Garrick

The boys work on thier homework

Misty does some dancing

Chapter 1.46- Close Bonds

Aelwyn becomes a young adult and moves out. He rolls the Genius trait.

Chip becomes a toddler and rolls the Angelic trait

Melanie meets up with her next baby daddy Martin

Melanie teaches her youngest to talk

she also potty trains him

and does flashcards with him

computer games are played

as is chess

and the piano

The triplets are very close and are always together

repairs are done

Melanie does some painting

Tv is watched

computer games are played

and messes are made

Chapter 1.45- Birthdays Galore

The triplets were soon adorable identical toddlers. Lamar and Lance are silly and Logan is clingy.

Lamar enjoys playing with toys

Aelwyn enjoys playing games on the computer

Melanie starts the train of toilet training

Ashton has fun on the monkey bars

Natasha becomes a mean teen

Ashton is an evil teen

Baby 54 Chip is born. only 46 to go

Lance and Lamar play together

They also love active games

The triplets were soon children and all have thier own unique personalities. Lamar is Evil, Lance is a glutton and Logan is adventurous.