Chapter 4.3- Toddler Fun

Harry finally gets his very active daughter down for a nap and is able to repair the music system.

Melody has tired herself out so much that Harry is able to finally get some cleaning done too.

Angelica is a very hands on nan too and even sometimes tucks Melody into bed at night.

Harry is getting better at cooking for the family when his mother in law and wife are busy at work or with Melody.

Sometimes Harry has to find his wife to chat about her day or she will just get lost in her painting

Before long, Angelica had her birthday and became an elder

She decided to retire so she could spend more time with her family. She had missed out on her daughters younger years but didn’t want the same to happen with Melody.

Melody is also the curious sort and is always asking questions especially about why father christmas is here in the middle of spring.

Petra soon gets promoted at work and now gets to put her own ideas into the paintings for the gallery.

Petra still spends a lot of time with her daughter and does bath time every day with her even if Melody gives her a shower.

Harry’s bosses are so happy with his blog that he is offered a promotion. He now gets to pick and choose what he wants to write about and who for.

Melody is becoming quite imaginative and likes to make up stories and games as she plays with her toys, Currently she’s pretending to be a horse called pink flying through the sky.

Melody is also very active, she loves music and will dance to it when it comes of, she loves to jump, bob and spin around.

She also loves to chatter away to her mummy about her day.

Melody is quite smart and is already able to count and spell words with the blocks

Chapter 4.2- Skills

Now that he is a Blogger, Harry doesn’t have much spare time at work to write his books do does it at home.

Now that Harry is hogging the computer most of the time and she can’t use it to chat with her friends, Angelica uses the time to repair and clean the house.

She also completed her aspiration, well with a bit of help

Harry had won the lottery and now the family had a nice nest egg to give to the next heir when they came of age and took over the legacy.

Harry doesn’t let his newfound money or fame go to his head, ignoring all the random phone calls from acquaintances and old friends and is still a hands on dad to little Melody.

Petra is doing well in life too and soon painting this beautiful picture, her first masterpiece, she framed it and put it up on her bedroom wall.

Angelica is doing great at work and despite having reached the top of her career, still works as hard as ever and was soon rewarded with a raise.

Harry helps around the house with the repairs as the appliances seem to love to break down especially the plumbing.

He still has time for fun though and loves to play video games on the large tv.

Melody has grown so much now, and is a toddler who loves to do everything on her own.

Petra is doing great at work too and got promoted. She now gets to work on the Art that gets displayed throughout the gallery.

Melody loves blaffy and will spends hours hugging and babbling away to him

Melody also loves the slide especially climbing up it.

Petra is becoming quite adept at cooking too and soon mastered the skill.

Chapter 4.1- Creativity

Petra loves to paint and was luckily enough to get offered a position in her dream career.

Petra and Harry love to go on dates to the local parks no matter the time of day, Petra even proposed at one and they had a private wedding there. Harry joined the family soon after and he was glad as his formal home was becoming a bit crowded with all his sisters children.

Now that he had room and a place to write his books, he decided to quit his part time job and get a new one. He had always loved reading and now he had a chance at writing his own stories.

Harry and Petra were very unique sims and liked choosing new places to woo-hoo in even ones like this dumpster.

Petra works hard on her paintings, she sells some but most of them she keeps around the house.

Petra and Harry soon had some great news, they were going to be pregnant and with both them being creative souls, they hoped thier child would be creative too.

Petra loves to cook and is getting everyday, she enjoys making grilled cheese as she has been craving it a lot lately.

Petra also wanted to improve her expertise so she headed down to the local art gallery to study other artists’ work.

Petra then used what she had seen in her paintings and soon mastered the skill

Harry loves his job but sometimes it can be stressful, He loves to dance after work to get rid of it.

Petra is doing so well at work that she was soon offered a promotion. She now gets to use watercolours to create a variety of art pieces.

Anna soon had her birthday and moved out. She is creative.

Soon Petra went into labour and had a beautiful baby girl called Melody.

Harry’s hard work soon paid off and he got promoted. He was now able to use his writing skills to blog about various news. He even got a free computer.