Chapter 6.10 Passing the torch


I helped my husband with his training

Robert is king today

I went on a egg hunt

I played guitar in the library as I wanted to play for four or more people

I recharged my brain

I played guitar some more

I achieved my dream and Now Robert is in charge for the final generation.

Chapter 6.7- Free Day


Me and Brandt love pillow fights

We also love relaxing in the hot-tub

I got an award

Dad played the guitar

I read a book

I did some painting

I am now an adult

I moved out to my own place

I painted

Hi, the controller here, Tina finally had 100,000 points so I took over for the day. She tried for a baby and practised with the guitar

Tina back, I am pregnant

I did some cooking

Meet my son Robert. He hates swimming and is excitable.


Chapter 10.4- Musical Fun

Jenni was soon a toddler

Lisa made another potion

I read Ximena a bedtime story.

More Family news, My sister is pregnant again with Hank this time. Arlo is dating Bella and my sisters eldest Candi a teen now got a job at the graveyard.

I mastered Logic and achieved my dream

I painting and mastered the painting skill too

My baby girl was soon a teenager who loves to listen to and make music.

Her room got a makeover

I became an adult

Ximena enjoys playing the drums

Lisa and Ximena are very close

Lisa taught Ximena to drive in mums old patrol car

Lisa found a new dream

Arlo and Bella got married

Ximena played the guitar

Lisa became an adult

Ximena went fishing

Lisa relaxed in the hot-tub

Ximena did some gardening

Valeria and Hank broke up

Lisa made all the potions

Chapter 3.2- The News

I made pancakes for breakfast, practice makes perfect and I didn’t burn them.
I got my Diploma
Anna is pregnant, I am going to be a dad.
I did some repairing
I also did some snooping for a case.
I got promoted
I didn’t find much but my client was satisfied.
My brother got married
He is now looking for a new house.
I did the laundry
Mum mastered the guitar.
I got promoted