Round 11, Family 15- Moon

My wife practises her drink making skills

She chooses a new aspiration

She goes fishing at the park

Oberon goes for a job

I work out

I swim

Oberon invites a friend over

Lisa repairs the toilet

I work on my videos

I do my gigs, I even got a part on a medical tv show

I got promoted

Oberon had his 1st kiss

Chapter 1.4- New People

Chloe started teaching her son to use the potty

Lewis loves to bluild towers with the blocks and then knock them down.

Chloe had to do some repairs around the house

Lewis also loves to play with toys

Chloe cooks healthy dinners for herself and Lewis

Chloe does wonder what Lewis does to get some dirty

Chloe also adopted a sibling for Lewis, Meet Lisa.

She had to get a new roommate as her previous one moved to a retirement home but this one loves to leave the place dirty and broken so he might be gone soon too

Lewis still loves the blocks but now uses them to make shapes and count.

Lisa was soon an adorable toddler too, She loves to hug.

She too loves the blocks

She also loves to babble away to Chloe as she writes her books

Chloe does some more repairs

Chloe has started dating again too, luckily this man is single, she asked around before she even went on a date with him. She has two young children now and needs to think about them too.

Chapter 1.2- Dating Fun

Harvestfest was soon here and Chloe thankfully was able to appease the Gnomes and get some free seeds.

Chloe has started dating too, an Astronaut called Laurant that she hardly sees but when they do see each other, they have lots of fun.

They love to go to the local park and looks at the clouds and stars together.

Tiara is a good roommate and Chloe gets on well with her.

Laurent and Chloe are still going well and enjoy going to nightclubs now, Laurent was able to talk Chloe into having some fun in the hot-tub under the stars.

Chloe is also hard at work on writing her books.

Chloe had been feeling sick lately and soon found out why, she was expecting a baby. Now she just had to get in touch with Laurent who was always busy nowadays.

Now she was pregnant, Chloe cooked more meals, she wanted a healthy baby after all.

Tiara had to move out so Chloe got a new roommate.

She also had to do some repairs around the house.

Chloe was doing well at work though and was soon promoted again

She was also on her third roommate.

Chapter 5.11- dating fun

Xgbqip is becoming great at making drinks

he got promoted to the top of his career

Qewovf repaired the dishwasher

Igor became a teenager.

Boyd chatted online

Gavin became a young adult and moved out. His traits are: Erratic, Jealous and Good. His aspiration is master mixologist.

Xgbqip is becoming popular

Boyd beats up the bear

Petra uses the monkey bars

Xgbqip uses the slip n slide

Boyd and Qewovf play table tennis

Charlene plays the guitar

Meet Zachery, 1st blind date, it didn’t go well

Jaxson , they decided to be friends

Juan and Qewovf hit it off.