Chapter 9.10- Skills

Kelly had fun on the water slide

Kaila became an elder

Zak did some strenght training

Kaila retired

Zak and Kaila help their daughter with her homework

Kaila supervises her daughter as she teaches her to cook

Zak gets promoted

Kaila works on a rocket

Round 11, Family 13- Nakamura 2

Neil enjoys cooking

Dancing is another fun hobby

I enjoy playing video games

Nathan has a girlfriend now, Meet Carmen

I did some cleaning

and played some darts

I also got promoted

Nathan had his birthday and is now a Young Adult. He is Paranoid

He is a freelance maker

He did some recyling

Nathan married Carmen in our living room

The bath was repaired

Carmen was soon preganant

Nathan started making some furniture, from next entry, He will be telling our families story.

Chapter 1.1- A New Life

Hello Everyone and Welcome back to another Random Legacy challenge. This is my founder Chloe Blomonge. Her traits are Creative, Bookworm and Family Oriented. Her Aspiration is Bestselling Author. The rolls for this Generation are: Mixed Single Parent, Four Children, Her Career is Author, her goal is Fulfilled and her Misc Fun is Roommate fun, Now that I have introduced here, lets get on with the challenge.

This is her house, I created it with three bedrooms for her future roommates and children. Its quite empty now but It will be furnished as she earns more.

Chole started writing a book right away, she needs to pay the bills after all

She also got her dream job

Chloe also put a advertisement up for a roommate.

She cooked some dinner and it came out quite well, she didn’t even set the house on fire.

She met some of the people who applied and decd to choose Tiara.

Tiara eagerly accepted and soon joined the blomonge household

Chloe was doing well at work too and soon got promoted

Chapter 3.3- Family

Jane did some laundry

Adam was soon an adorable toddler

He loves playing with toys

Jane supported Adam to achieve his skills

Adam also enjoys making music

Jane cleaned the toilet

and did some cooking

Abram got promoted

Jane snuggled Adam