Chapter 9.3- Funny Kids

I was able to finally find some time to spend with the twins and I worked on their skills.

I had forgotten to pay the bills so I got a visit from the debt collectors.

Valeria loves to play with the dolls house

I had to do some cleaning, the house was becoming quite the tip

I was doing well at work and now lucky me gets to direct traffic

It was soon winter and I had lots of fun playing in the snow

Emil can be quite the character at times, here he is playing inside the dolls house

The twins were soon children and inherited my ability to sleep through anything

Emil is a great help around the house and even cleans the bath

Val prefers to play video games

Emil even takes out the trash

He does like to be noisy though. He enjoys dressing up as a dinosaur growling and storming around the house


Chapter 1.21- Family Time

I still cook the children’s lunches
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Soon it was time for little Rosa to become a Teenager too, She has become quite Ambitous
We ate cake as a family and chatted about our day
Alex and Rosa had a pillow fight
They also love to talk about art, well he does and she’s great at listening
Jammie is doing well at school and always does her homework
I got another promotion but am becoming quite tired of the culinary career
I decided to join the coparate world
Jammie has recently started dancing classes
Mateo loves to play video games
I had to repair the shower
I also caught up on the chores.