Chapter 1.51- Toddler Skilling

Baby 58 Electra is born, only 42 to go

Melanie meets up with her next baby daddy Roger

Chere becomes a child and rolls the goofball trait

Chip becomes a Young Adult and moves out, he rolls the clumsy trait

The children do thier homework

Misty does some science

Melanie does some cleaning

and some exersize

Misty plays some chess

Electra becomes a toddler and rolls the Fussy trait

Melanie does flashcards with Electra

Gervase becomes a teen and is outgoing

Misty becomes a teen and is a slob

Melanie potty trains Electra

Chere does some science

Chapter 1.50-Fun

Melanie and Eugene make the next baby

Melanie does some dancing

she also makes a snow angel

Gervase does some science

Chere becomes a toddler and rolls the inquisitive trait

Melanie potty trains Chere

and does some painting

Melanie does flashcards with Chere

Misty plays video games

Chere dances

Chip cooks a unique way with no hands

Chere cuddles her toys

Gervase does some science

Melanie repairs the computer

and the radio

Chapter 1.49- Dancing

Misty does some dancing

as does Melanie

Melanie repairs the dishwasher

Gervase becomes an independant toddler

Bluffy is great for the children’s emotions

Gervase enjoys hugging him

The boys work on thier school projects

They like playing in the snow too

Baby 57 Chere is born, only 43 to go

Gervase becomes a child and rolls the slob trait

He practices chess

The triplets become Young Adults and moved out. Lamar rolls Dance machine, Lance is Ambitious and Logan is unflirty.