Chapter 7.2- The Twins

My Uncle, his wife and his two kids moved into a new house

I finally mastered the Athletic skill

Sophia has been busy lately, she is dating yet another boy. My sister went to visit my mum and took her daughter to meet her grandmother too.

I started reading a boy about Robbery my boss had assigned me, he said he wanted me to do well

I got some great news too, I was expecting.

I wanted my baby to grow up healthy so I started watching some cookery shows to learn so new healthy recipes

My sister is expecting another child so at least my child will have cousins his own age to play with.

It was soon Spooky day and I headed down to the Festival. I took a Seasonal Photo, had fun exploring the scary house and won a apple bobbing contest.

I was soon promoted again. By the way my boss has no idea I am pregnant,

I have hid it well.

Lots of Family news. Dad is now an Elder, he and mum also broke up again. Savannah lost her husband to old age and has started dating again, thankfully to someone younger. Sophia is pregnant again and she broke up with her boyfriend.

I still love to work out despite the fact I am 8 months pregnant.

Soon I went into labour and had twins. I named them Violeta and Fernado.

I love to cuddle with them. They are so cute.


Chapter 2.7- Hello Sebestien

Me and Kat had the talk and we broke up, Apparently she had never planned on having children. Nicky is able to go to the toilet on his own now, I was so proud, its her loss.
I improved my logic skill.
I played some chess on the computer.
I didn’t want Nicky to fell left out so I took him on walks and talked about how he was going to be a big brother soon.
I also took him to the beach and started teaching him to swim.
Dad is now handy, maybe now he’ll help with fixing broken appliances.
I practised chess.
Dad played the guitar, Nicky loves to dance as he plays.
Mum is really moving up in her career, I am glad she finally found something that she loves as much as I love to sing.
Jammie is going to be a single mum too.
I did the laundry.
I went into labour and little Sebastien was born