Chapter 7.2- The Twins

My Uncle, his wife and his two kids moved into a new house

I finally mastered the Athletic skill

Sophia has been busy lately, she is dating yet another boy. My sister went to visit my mum and took her daughter to meet her grandmother too.

I started reading a boy about Robbery my boss had assigned me, he said he wanted me to do well

I got some great news too, I was expecting.

I wanted my baby to grow up healthy so I started watching some cookery shows to learn so new healthy recipes

My sister is expecting another child so at least my child will have cousins his own age to play with.

It was soon Spooky day and I headed down to the Festival. I took a Seasonal Photo, had fun exploring the scary house and won a apple bobbing contest.

I was soon promoted again. By the way my boss has no idea I am pregnant,

I have hid it well.

Lots of Family news. Dad is now an Elder, he and mum also broke up again. Savannah lost her husband to old age and has started dating again, thankfully to someone younger. Sophia is pregnant again and she broke up with her boyfriend.

I still love to work out despite the fact I am 8 months pregnant.

Soon I went into labour and had twins. I named them Violeta and Fernado.

I love to cuddle with them. They are so cute.


Chapter 7.1- Starting Over

I decided to start afresh. I moved out of my parents home and brought an empty lot on the hill. My house was then bluith.

I then of course needed a job and found one just for me. I like to steal and they didn’t need references or anything, I just needed to prove myself.

I was sent to France by my boss to scope out the art gallery and find it’s weaknesses. I did and used a coded message to let my boss know. I did get caught by Andre trying to sneak pass the ropes but I just pretended to be lost and he fell for it. I then headed back home.

I headed down to the city hall for my Graduation Ceremony. It went well

I still love to work out. I love to be active. I improved my skill too

I am doing well at work too and I was soon promoted, I can actually steal things now

My parents haven’t been getting on well lately and decided to call it quits. I am an Aunt of the second time as my sister and her old husband had a little girl.

Dad decided he wanted to become a writer and actually wrote his first book.

I went to visit my eldest sister Sophia and played with my baby Nephew. I want one of my own, now just to find the right candidate to be my sperm donor.

I remembered meeting Andre at the gallery and seeing I had to deliver a package in France. I dropped the package off then went to meet with him. He is already a father of two so should be able too make me pregnant. He and his wife are separated so it didn’t take long for me to get

him to join me in the shower. I then headed home, I had to let my boss know that his package was delivered successfully.

Mum and Dad have started dating again.

My misson in France was succesful and my boss was so glad that I got promoted.

Chapter 6.6- New Arrivals

I decided to buy a horse, Meet Bella. She’s shy, fast and Agile.
I couldn’t ride her yet being pregnant so I walked her home

My brother is expecting a baby so at least Sophia and the new baby will get a cousin. He decided to get in a realsionship for the babies sake,
Sophia loves her grandad and is always chattering away to him
She also loves to play with soft toys
I adopted another horse to keep Belle company. His name is Wayfarer.
It wasn’t long before Leo found the good fishing spots
I mastered the Athletic skill
I was in the middle of a work out when I went into labour with my 2nd, we named her Savannah.
I repaired the bath
My uncle Matias had his birthday and is now an elder.

Chapter 5.12—Teenagers are you ready

My parents are still as close as ever and like to play catch in the yard together.
Luis loves to sit down and watch tv
Mugsy likes to keep fit by working out using the radio
I like to ensure the children eat healthy meals so like to cook burgers and chips from scratch so they have homemade instead of McDonalds all the time.
Dad mastered the athletic skill.
I spoke to Reyna about her part in the legacy and how she will be taking over when she reaches 18.
I cooked some breakfast, the children made pancakes so I made lots as they are getting older and soon they wont want my smiley faced and character pancakes.

Soon it was time for them to become teens, we had a small family party and they grew up Interesting. Reyna loves horses, Luis loves saving money and Mila is Evil.
Mila loves to have pillow fights with her granddad.
Luis is a great help around the house and has learnt repair skills from his granddad and will fix appliances when broken.
Mila did some mopping
Reyna loves to jump into dumpsters and explore them to see what she can find.

Chapter 5.9- Birthdays

My Mum is already an elder
She decided to retire, she said dad was hogging her grandkids and she wanted to spend more time with them.
Mugsy and Me both got promotions, that speech paid off and I now teach older teenagers they are much more work
I like to play video games to let off steam
Mugsy prefers to work out using the radio on the porch
He soon mastered his athletic skill
I researched some cool science experiments to get my students interested in science
I read a cookery book and mastered the skill as well as learning some new recipes
I got a new tattoo
Soon it was time for my children’s birthdays, I can’t believe that they are already old enough for school.
My dad is now an elder too

Chapter 1.15- Double Birthday

Alex improved his Athletic skill
He played for tips at the gym and made some good money
Rosa still loves to look through the blocks
I earned some celeb points from just keeping fit
I also maxed my athletic skill
I also had to repair the dishwasher before the kitchen and the house becomes a pool
I did some work at home
Soon it was birthday time for the girls
Jammie is now a teen who loves Supernaturals and Rosa has become quite the diva as a child.
I repaired the dishwasher
I also finally got some laundry done

Chapter 1.13- Fun in the Snow

Jammie likes to go on adventures in the tub
I got another promotion
Mateo loves making snowmen
He helps around the house too
I made an igloo
Mateo too was becoming known around town
Jammie did a paper on the supermarket and got a good grade
People are starting to know me too
My athletic skill is developing well
I had to unclog and clean the toilet before I could use it