Chapter 1.45- Birthdays Galore

The triplets were soon adorable identical toddlers. Lamar and Lance are silly and Logan is clingy.

Lamar enjoys playing with toys

Aelwyn enjoys playing games on the computer

Melanie starts the train of toilet training

Ashton has fun on the monkey bars

Natasha becomes a mean teen

Ashton is an evil teen

Baby 54 Chip is born. only 46 to go

Lance and Lamar play together

They also love active games

The triplets were soon children and all have thier own unique personalities. Lamar is Evil, Lance is a glutton and Logan is adventurous.

Chapter 1.44- Suprise

Melanie works on potty training

Jacob chats with his little brother

He also does flashcards with him

Aelwyn does some dancing

Natasha has fun jumping in trash

Melanie does some dancing too

she works on Ashton’s thinking

Aelwyn plays with toys

The triplets are born, Meet Babies 51 Lamar, 52 Lance and 53 Logan, only 47 to go

Jacob becomes a Young Adult and moves out. He rolls the music lover trait

Melanie puts out a fire

She meets up with her next baby daddy Cody

Aelwyn does his homework

Ashton becomes a child and rolls the Geek Trait

Melanie does some exersize

He plays the Piano.

Chapter 1.43- Winter

Jacob cleans up his mess

Aelwyn enjoys playing with blocks whilst Melanie gives birth

Jemima and Fabian enjoy playing video games together

Jemima becomes a young adult and moves out. She rolls the unflirty trait.

Jacob becomes a teenager, he rolls the child of the ocean trait

Aelwyn becomes a child and rolls the child of the ocean trait

Jemima comes to visit and makes a snowpal

Melanie meets up with her next baby daddy Lawrence

Jacob is a great help with Baby 50 Ashton, we are halfway there

Fabian and Natasha work on thier school projects

Aelwyn practises chess

Jacob and Fabian do some dancing

Melanie chats online

Fabian becomes a young adult and moves out, he rolls the snob trait

Ashton becomes a toddler, he rolls the Clingy trait.