Chapter 4.5- Moving

Dad did some cooking

My wife played some pool, dad has been teaching her

She loves talking to Heidi too

and feeding her treats

I am now an Adult

My wife went in labour and had our son Albert who she decided to dump on the floor.

and you would never guess why. She and Dad had been carrying on for months, We argued and we got divorced.

I moved out with my son

I tucked him to bed in our new home

I have a swing too in our living room

I spend a lot of time bonding with my son

I also finished my new book

Chapter 4.4- Free Day

I spend some time with Heidi

I master the cooking skill

Hi, the writer here, Aspen finally got 100000 points so I took over for the day. He got married to his childhood sweetheart Adrianna and they tried for a baby

Hi, i am back and i got a visit from a ghost

I played some arcade games

My wife is pregnant

I made some drinks

Adrianna and Dad get on well

I played some pool

I learnt a new recipe

and started writing a book

Chapter 4.2- Saying Goodbye

I read a new book

I made an Igloo

I bonded with Heidi

I played some hopstocth

I did an interview

I watched the cooking channel

Dad got promoted

I played Hopscotch with my grandmother

Grandmother died of old age

I made a new friend

I am a jock

I got promoted

Roxy died of old age

I petted Heidi