Chapter 3.6- Career

Iron does some cooking ricky dances Yzioru gets a job Udjex is a good student Ricky becomes a teen Yemi got married Zaina had her birthday and moved out she soon became pregnant Yzioru got promoted The family enjoy watching tv together The boys work on their school projects. Yzioru had her birthday Olive and …

Chapter 3.5- Birthdays

Yzioru enjoys singing Udjex enjoys playing with dolls Yzioru potty trains her youngest Udjex becomes a child Iron becomes a teenager He enjoys dancing Yzioru did some cleaning Yemi helps with repairs Yzioru mastered parenting Olive becomes a teenager and Yemi a Young Adult. He moves out Yzioru gardens

Chapter 3.4- The Heir

The heir is born, Meet Udjex. Yzioru potty trains Ricky Olive becomes a child Homework time in the new house dancing fun too Udjex becomes a toddler Yemi becomes a teenager Yzioru fixes the dollshouse she spins her son around she plays dolls too she masters cooking Zaina and Ricky both have their birthdays

Chapter 3.3- Achievable Dreams

Yzioru achieved her aspiration yemi enjoys dancing Zaina became a child Yzioru practices her magic Olive becomes a toddler Yemi plays with toys Cameron does flashcards with Olive Ricky is born Olive plays with blocks Camron has his birthday The final baby is on its way Iron becomes a child Yzioru cleans Ricky becomes a …