Chapter 35- Seeing Double

  1. Total Stats: 20/24 Children- 4 to go
  2. Boys:10/12-2 to go
  3. Girls: 10/12- 2 to go
  1. Girl 1- Beatrice- YA- Moved out
  2. Boy 1- Bernard-YA-Moved out
  3. Boy 2- Benny- YA-Moved out
  4. Boy 2- Barnabus- YA-Moved out
  5. Boy 4- Brandon- YA-Moved out
  6. Girl 2- Bianca-YA-Moved out
  7. Boy 5- Blake- YA- Moved out
  8. Boy 6- Baxter- YA-Moved out
  9. Boy 7-Bailey- YA-Moved out
  10. Girl 3- Barbara- YA-Moved out
  11. Boy 8- Baldwin-YA-Moved out
  12. Boy 9- Bancroft-YA-Moved out
  13. Girl 4- Bethany- YA-Moved out
  14. Girl 5- Belinda-YA-Moved out
  15. Boy 10- Balthazar-YA-Moved out
  16. Girl 6- Bernadette-Teen
  17. Girl 7- Bernice- Teen
  18. Girl 8- Bertha-Teen
  19. Girl 9- Bess- Child
  20. Girl 10- Betsy-Toddler

Bess enjoys dancing

and playing doctor

Jack got promoted

Alice cleans

Bernadette has her birthday, She is now a Geek

Alice goes into labour and has twins, Meet Boys 11 and 12, Barclay and Barry.

Alice repairs the bathroom sink

and the tv

Jack gets promoted

Betsy becomes a child whose good

She enjoys playing games on the computer

The twins become toddlers. Barry is Silly and Barclay is Inquisitive.

Barclay plays with blocks

Barry plays in the ball pit

Bernice reads a story to Barclay.

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