Chapter 23- Switching Roles

  1. Total Stats: 12/24 children
  2. Boys: 9/12- 3 to go
  3. Girls- 3/12- 9 to go
  1. Girl 1- Beatrice- YA- Moved out
  2. Boy 1- Bernard-YA-Moved out
  3. Boy 2- Benny- YA-Moved out
  4. Boy 2- Barnabus- YA-Moved out
  5. Boy 4- Brandon- YA-Moved out
  6. Girl 2- Bianca-YA-Moved out
  7. Boy 5- Blake- Teen
  8. Boy 6- Baxter- Teen
  9. Boy 7-Bailey- Child
  10. Girl 3- Barbara- Child
  11. Boy 8- Baldwin-Toddler
  12. Boy 9- Bancroft-Toddler

Alice joined the painter career

Blake played with Bancroft

Alice painted

Baldwin played with dolls

Blake swung Baldwin upside down

Barnabus and his wife are expecting their first child. Bianca adopted a little boy with her husband.

Baldwin became a child

Alice got promoted

Jack repaired

Benny got married

Bailey played pirates

Barbara needed advice

Jack played with his youngest

The school called

Barbara is a great student

Bianca adopted her 2nd child

Baldwin is doing well

Alice got promoted

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