Chapter 1.8- Skilling Time


Jammie and Mateo finally had a nap at the same time so I did the laundry as it had begun to pile up.


I also cleaned the kitchen counters as they had quite a lot of grime and grease on them


Finally, I went into Labour and Rosa-Mia was born. I had a difficult delivery and started haemorrhaging so they had to operate. I am no longer able to have children. Rosa is my heir and will be taking over this legacy when she is old enough.


I wanted to improve my handiness skill as appliances are constantly breaking. We can’t afford a repairman and I don’t want to get electrocuted, I headed down to the library and read a diy book.


Me and Alex try to me romantic as much as possible, luckily for us the kids are quite good at sleeping though the night.


I have been watching cookery shows a lot lately and finally have learnt so new recipes such as spaghetti some kids favourite.


Soon it’s time for birthdays, Little Jammie is now old enough for school where has the time gone and baby Rosa is a toddler


She is quite bright and soon learnt to walk and use the potty.


I continued to watch my cookery shows and soon developed my skill even more and can now cook my leftovers.


Rosa was a more physical child but soon started to show an Intrest in words so I sat down with her and helped her with pronunciation.


We have plenty of room but Mateo loves to sit in the toybox to play with his toys for so reason.


Jammie seems to have invented a friend. I hope when she goes to school, she will meet and befriend other children.


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