Chapter 1.43- Winter

Jacob cleans up his mess

Aelwyn enjoys playing with blocks whilst Melanie gives birth

Jemima and Fabian enjoy playing video games together

Jemima becomes a young adult and moves out. She rolls the unflirty trait.

Jacob becomes a teenager, he rolls the child of the ocean trait

Aelwyn becomes a child and rolls the child of the ocean trait

Jemima comes to visit and makes a snowpal

Melanie meets up with her next baby daddy Lawrence

Jacob is a great help with Baby 50 Ashton, we are halfway there

Fabian and Natasha work on thier school projects

Aelwyn practises chess

Jacob and Fabian do some dancing

Melanie chats online

Fabian becomes a young adult and moves out, he rolls the snob trait

Ashton becomes a toddler, he rolls the Clingy trait.

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