Chapter 1.39- Baby Making

Baby 45 Jemima is born, only 55 left

Melanie and Florence work on the next baby

Derek chats with the bear

Keeleigh becomes a child. She likes to steal

Jemima becomes a toddler. She is a curious one

She enjoys dancing and asking questions

Keeleigh has fun on the rocking chair

Baby 46 Fabian is born, only 54 to go

Melanie meets up with her next baby daddy Jack

Jemima babbles to the bear

and plays with the butterfly toy

Derek prefers playing with cars

and showing off his monkey bars skills

Baby 47 Jacob is born, only 53 left

Melanie and Nolan make their next baby

Derek becomes a teenager, He is a snob

Jemima is a glutton

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