Chapter 1.2- Promotions and Tips


I worked hard and soon my hard work paid off. I got promoted, good thing too as our bills needed to be paid and we already had to sell the computer once to pay them.


Alex is doing well too and soon was earning quite good money from his tips, enough for groceries anyway.


We continued to develop our skills as the better the skills, the more money we could earn.


Alex soon celebrated his first promotion. All them hours of playing music even in the rain had paid off.


He had begun to get some fans too who would dance as they paid him for his music, maybe soon, we would be able to renovate the house some more.


My thinking skills were developing well and I was already halfway through the logic skill.


Alex being artistic loved to paint on our balcony and soon developed his skill.


I am doing well at work and soon got another promotion with a good bonus too.


Alex loves to talk about his music with other people.


He also has started learning to cook and cooks for us on the day, I get stuck at work.


We still find time to get some romantic time in

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