Chapter 2.8- Passing on the torch

Ackley used the web

Leo becomes a young adult and moved out. He is ambitous

Ebony worked on her garden

Yzioru transformed into a spellcaster

she worked on her magic

Ebony was soon a young adult. She move out. She is hot headed.

More family news, Arana’s daughter is already a toddler

Ackley died of old age

Yzioru is now a young adult and ready to take on the challenge.

Chapter 6.2- Balancing Uni and kids

Madeline was soon pregnant with our 2nd child

I worked on my presentation.

Marc was soon a toddler

I had fun with Marc

Marc enjoys playing with toys

He also loves toys

Soon My 2nd son Malcolm was born

I got my report card

I did some studying at the libarby

Marc did some dancing

he also enjoys building with blocks

Mum became an elder

Malcolm was soon a toddler too

Maddie got promoted

Malcolm did some dancing

Maddie was soon pregnant again

We moved house

Chapter 4.3- Toddler Fun

Mum likes to keep fit

She is also a great help with Aric and even helped us with potty training.

Amber often joins our son in playing with dolls despite being pregnant.

She is also doing well at work and was soon promoted

I did flashcards with Aric to help develop his thinking skills

Aric loves to chatter away to the maid

I was soon promoted

Aric also likes to play imaginative games with his toys

We decided to have our 2nd child at the hospital. Meet our daughter and heir Anabel.

Soon she was a toddler

She loves the block table and the kitty cat as she calls it

Amber got promoted.

Chapter 1.4- Birthdays

Lewis enjoys reading to his children

Samantha got promoted

she enjoys playing video games

Nathan is independent.

Samuel and Megan are quite close and love to chatter away

Lewis was soon an elder

He got promoted

Tina was born, 1 point

The girls love to play with dolls together

Amie was soon a child. She gained three points as she only mastered potty, communication and movement, She is self-Assured and wants to be an artistic prodigy,

Samantha plays dolls with her daughter

Tina is a toddler, a fussy one

More promotions. Lewis is at the top so 5 points.

Samuel is a teen. He added Romantic to Active and his aspiration is friend of the animal.

The children’s room is always a hive of activity.

Samuel does some exersize.

Nathan is a child. He mastered all 5 skills so 5 points. He is Hot-Headed and wants to be a whiz kid.

Ana is a teen. She added Creative to Genius and wants to be an actress.

she got a job

Total Points: 53