Chapter 9.11- The Final Heir

Zakery enjoys doing yoga

he completes his aspiration


Kelly’s acceptance letter came in

She became a Young Adult and gained the mean trait

Zak became an elder


Kelly headed off to Uni to study History and move into the dorms. She is now leading this legacy for it’s final generation.

Chapter 9.10- Skills

Kelly had fun on the water slide

Kaila became an elder

Zak did some strenght training

Kaila retired

Zak and Kaila help their daughter with her homework

Kaila supervises her daughter as she teaches her to cook

Zak gets promoted

Kaila works on a rocket

Chapter 9.9- Family

Kaila enjoys dancing

She took the girls on a trip to the beach where they enjoyed swimming, sunbathing and making sandcastles

Soon the girls were teenagers. Kelly is a Goofball and Keira a loner.

Zak got a new job

Kelly danced

Keira helps with repairs

and uses the water slide

and works on her cardio

Keira helps with some repairs and accidently gets electrocuted and no pleading helps save her. She dies

Kaila gets promoted

Kelly works on her speech for college

Chapter 9.8-Dancing Fun

Kaila got promoted

and decided to celebrate in the snow

The girls love making snow ball fights

Zakery played some games

Kaila and Kelly danced

Zak repaired

Keira danced

Zak achieved his aspiration

Kaila trained her husband

A new aspiration was chosen.