Chapter 7.2- Winter Fun

Waylon went dancing on his agent’s orders

He also had some fun whilst there

Willow and Gregorio are romantic everywhere

Arabella plays the gnomes game

Willow does her weekly workout

She gets promoted despite never having done any work

She trains her mum

The family took a trip to the festival together, where they enjoyed Ice-skating, snowboarding, playing in the snow, and taking seasonal pictures.

Chapter 7.5-Winter

I love the snow; there is so much fun to be had, like making snowmen.

I even like making aliens, too, showing my respect for my heritage.

I also love making new friends

I am doing great at work too

Mum loves playing computer games

She loves gifts too, and I love giving them

I am now an intern. I work long hours but am getting closer to my dream.

I also enjoy making snow angels

I spoke with mum about my love of winter

I played games on the computer

I complain about them too sometimes

I did some cleaning

and some dumpster diving

Chapter 7.1- The Start

Willow got a job as an acorbat

Gregorio came over and they got married.

Willow went skinny dipping

Gregorio got a job

he worked on his guitar skills

Waylon did his singing gig

Rebekah got promoted

she searched for stars

She went out for a drink

She chatted about planets

Chapter 7.4- Adulthood

I decided to do some cooking

I also did a workout

and made some friends

I went to the festival

I did some gardening

I had my birthday and am now a Young Adult. I am very charismatic and want to be a famous doctor.

I worked on my logic.

I got offered a position in my dream career, and I took it.

I went to the bookstore

I started researching potions

I had a snowball fight

I visited the library

I played some video games