Chapter 7.5-Winter

I love the snow; there is so much fun to be had, like making snowmen.

I even like making aliens, too, showing my respect for my heritage.

I also love making new friends

I am doing great at work too

Mum loves playing computer games

She loves gifts too, and I love giving them

I am now an intern. I work long hours but am getting closer to my dream.

I also enjoy making snow angels

I spoke with mum about my love of winter

I played games on the computer

I complain about them too sometimes

I did some cleaning

and some dumpster diving

Chapter 7.4- Adulthood

I decided to do some cooking

I also did a workout

and made some friends

I went to the festival

I did some gardening

I had my birthday and am now a Young Adult. I am very charismatic and want to be a famous doctor.

I worked on my logic.

I got offered a position in my dream career, and I took it.

I went to the bookstore

I started researching potions

I had a snowball fight

I visited the library

I played some video games

Chapter 7.3- Relationships

I worked on my garden

I did my homework

Catch was played

My garden is doing well

I researched Gardening at the libarby and improved my skill

I played some video games

I also like to make in shape

Mum and Dad love chatting about the rain

I had a pillow fight with Dad

I made a new friend

Mum loves telling ghost stories

Chapter 7.2- Summer

Dad loves to exersize

His hard work paid off and he got promoted.

Mum loves to play catch even with the robot

I am now a Teenager. I love making people laugh#

I got a job

I used the computer

I worked on my gardening skill

I made a new friend

I worked on my cooking

I started a garden

I had lots of fun at the Summer Festival

Robert did some cleaning

I did some reading