Round 12, Family 20- Roswell

I played some chess with my son

Edgar is a great help around the house, he even does the dishes

Edgar has become quite close with a little girl he met at a festival they went too and they spend a lot of time chatting on the phone.

My wife potty trained our daughter

Eileen loves to play imaginative games with her toys

I helped Edgar with his school project

My wife got promoted and now works at the local college sorting out grants and scholarships and dealing with budgets.

I had my birthday

My wife works on her speech for a upcoming meeting.

Eileen loves the new slide that we bought and can spend hours climbing up and sliding down it.

Edgar loves playing games on the computer

Eileen also loves to stack the blocks up high then knock them down

Soon my baby wasn’t so little any more. She loves the environment and is always talking about how we should care for it.

Eileen enjoys pretending that she runs a farm and this is her cat Whiskers.

My wife works on her school budget

We still find time for family time and enjoy playing games together.

Round 12, Family 19- Frost 2

My wife wanted another baby so we had fun trying for one.

There was a children’s festival up in the mountains, so we took Josie up there for a day out. She enjoyed dancing with the mascot and even become friends with a little boy called Edgar.

My wife was soon pregnant with our second child.

She started practising some new songs on the Piano.

I helped Josie with her school project

I am doing great at work and now get to work on the actual products that the company makes.

I work hard and practice a lot at home too

My wife got promoted and now gets to produce jingles

She started practising right away

I had my birthday

My second daughter Katie was born

Josie is doing great in school

Katie was soon a toddler who loves to hug

She also loves stories

My girls get on great, Josie listens as her sister babbles away and they even play with dolls together.

Round 12, Family 18- Murakami

I do wonder where my daughter keeps finding paint as she loves to decorate the whole house with it, she gets told off then sneaks somewhere else to do it.

My wife spends a lot of time repairing the appliances around the house as they seem to constantly being breaking down

She is doing great at work too and is always coming up with newer drinks for the patrons to try.

I can’t believe I am saying this is so adorable when they are chatting away to each other. They are still the only children in the universe that I like.

They are getting older now and don’t need as much attention. They are mostly able to entertain themselves in thier room.

If Niahm is not occupied, she starts creating messes all over the house, so I decided to do some flashcards with her.

I got some great news, and I got a promotion to a higher level of my career. I now have government backing, so it should be easier for me to keep our island clean.

Just in time too as I am not getting any younger

Neither are the twins, they are now already old enough for school. Niamh is hot-headed, she is going to be so much fun and My Son Nathan is neat.

Having a son who loves to clean is great, he even does the dishes without being asked.

Niahm is currently into science. She loves experimenting and analyzing objects she finds.

Nate enjoys pretending to be a doctor caring for all his sick toys.

My wife got promoted and now gets to choose the bars drink specials.

I have been swamped the last few days as someone has been dumping rubbish in the ocean, and I have been cleaning it up.

My wife enjoys playing chess. She says it keeps her brain sharp.

We moved to the Island that I work on and onto a Eco Friendly lot. This is our new home.

My wife had her birthday too and is now an adult like me.

Round 12, Family 17- Chauhan 2

Elliot decided to do some cooking

My daughters are a big help around the house, they even help with cleaning the bathroom

Elliot enjoys playing the guitar

He joint a club to meet some more friends his own age and has gotten quite close with Etusco.

He soon says he’s in love and on one of thier many dates, He asked her to be his girlfriend and she agreed.

Soon my girls were all grown up, where have the years gone. They headed off to University. Helena is now erratic and studying culinary arts. Hazel loves to dance and is studying fine arts.

My wife is becoming quite well known now and got another promotion

She did some cleaning

I helped my son with his school project.