Chapter 6.6- Achievements

Rebekah and Willow play chess together

Waylon got promoted

Rebekah worked out

she also repaired the dishwasher

Waylon did some cooking

and played the piano

Waylon got promoted

Rebekah mastered the logic skill

She completed her dream of having the perfect mind and body

Willow did her homework

Rebekah still loves to exersize

Willow loves pretending

Waylon got another promotion

Chapter 6.5- Family Bonding

Waylon did his first show

He also got promoted

Waylon got some great news

He did a work out

Waylon enjoys going on walks around town with his daughter

Molona went fishing

Rebekah got promoted

She enjoys talking about stars

Rebekah trains her husband

Rebekah and Waylon watch the stars together

Waylon and Rebekah also enjoy playing juice pong

Willow was soon a child one who loved making friends

Rebekah made some pancakes

Rebekah and Willow had a chat about her taking over the family legacy when she comes of age.

Chapter 6.4- Spring Fun

Waylon and Arabella play some juice pong

Rebekah and Waylon are still romantic

Waylon does some exersize

improving his skill

Arabella masters the athletic skill

Waylon enjoys playing darts

The family had lots of fun at the Spring Festival, they took family photo’s , played games and ate food.

Chapter 6.3- Toddler Skilling

Waylon meets all kinds of personalities throughout his working day

Molona died of old age

Rebekah enjoys playing shuffle board

Willow enjoys crawling around the house with her toys

Waylon supports his daughter to walk

Willow also enjoys learning about shapes

Waylon also supports his daughter with toilet training

Waylon is doing great at work too

as is Rebekah

Waylon also enjoys cooking

Rebekah trains her mum

and works on her logic

Waylon goes jogging