Chapter 5.12—Teenagers are you ready

My parents are still as close as ever and like to play catch in the yard together.
Luis loves to sit down and watch tv
Mugsy likes to keep fit by working out using the radio
I like to ensure the children eat healthy meals so like to cook burgers and chips from scratch so they have homemade instead of McDonalds all the time.
Dad mastered the athletic skill.
I spoke to Reyna about her part in the legacy and how she will be taking over when she reaches 18.
I cooked some breakfast, the children made pancakes so I made lots as they are getting older and soon they wont want my smiley faced and character pancakes.

Soon it was time for them to become teens, we had a small family party and they grew up Interesting. Reyna loves horses, Luis loves saving money and Mila is Evil.
Mila loves to have pillow fights with her granddad.
Luis is a great help around the house and has learnt repair skills from his granddad and will fix appliances when broken.
Mila did some mopping
Reyna loves to jump into dumpsters and explore them to see what she can find.

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