Chapter 1.22- Goodbyes

Alexander loves to test his endurance on the treadmill
Despite the difference in age, Jammie and Rosa are quite close and are always chatting to one another
Soon Jammie was eighteen. She wants to be a Artitect, She moved in with some friends and got a job interning.
Despite our table, Mateo and Rosa love to do their homework on the floor.
We nearly got robbed but our burgular alarm called the police and the aspiring burgular got nothing.
Alex got some tips at the sparkling sands
Rosa had fun on the water slide
Alex and Jammie are still close and love to chat on the phone
Alex got some new work-out videos, he wants to build some muscle
Rosa surfed the web
Mateo is now an adult too, he is artistic and wants to lead the orchestra. He moved in with some friends.


One thought on “Chapter 1.22- Goodbyes

  1. I just noticed your legacy is in Isla Paradiso! Is it difficult there? (laggy?)

    I like how the workout video is like the same pose he’s using, little things like that are why I love this game lol


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