Chapter 1.7- Toddler Fun


Mateo learnt to talk quite fast but sometimes he needs help to pronounce his letters correctly.

Alex has taken to sneaking into resorts to where the customers are to get better tips, he hasn’t got caught yet.

Mateo loved learning to walk and is now into everything.

Jammie mastered the shape sorter and has now started learning the names of the shapes.


Alex learnt the recipes for pancakes and loves adding different fruits to the mixture to see what works best. He has made peach, blueberry and apple ones.

He does seem to have a unique way to wash the dishes.

He still does his paintings, they brighten up our home and the dull wallpaper that we got cheap.

Alex is doing well at developing his painting skill and is already half way to mastering it.


Mateo loves the xylophone and I sometimes play with him singing rhymes which he attempts to copy.

Jammie had a new favourite toy, this rabbit and is always either cuddling it or banging it across the floor.

She loves this toy, it was what she was with when she arrived. It looks quite creepy to me but she adores it.

Alex was out working when the sink broke so I had to fix it so the kids wouldn’t have an accident or play in it.

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