Chapter 1.3- Moving On.


Alex wrote me a song and did a serenade for me, how romantic is he.


His guitar skill is well developed now


He is also becoming quite well known around here.


I am doing well at work and got another promotion. I am becoming bored with the job though and have been looking around for something else.


I found a job the total opposite to the one I am doing, I see if I find my new job more interesting.


We did use my bonuses from my old promotions and renovated the house making it larger because I have so news, can you guess.


Alex has some good and bad days with his tips and earns between 200 and 800 depending on the weather mostly.


I headed down the gym and did some working out. I also developed my athletic skills.



Well here’s why the house needed to be made bigger, Me and Alex are expecting our first child.


I have continued to improve my cooking, I want to be able for my child to have a variety of meals when she is older.


Alex enjoys painting and using his artwork to decorate our house, his skill is also developing nicely.


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